Press Coverage

Check out the links below for CIF18 articles!

March 24, 2015: Local Improv Group Heading To Chicago (
March 25, 2015: Party Game Utter Nonsense is Comedic Gold for Improv Troupes (
April 1, 2015:  April Events and Festivals: Ten Great Chicago Events (
April 6, 2015: Rumbles of Greatness As Chicago-Trained Stephnie Weir Co-Stars on ‘The Comedians’ (
April 11, 2015:  RedEye Remix / WGN Radio featuring CIF Sponsor, Utter Nonsense (
April 14, 2015:  8 acts not to miss at this year’s Chicago Improv Fest (
April 17, 2015:  Nerdist Podcast: The Goodest Episode 664 Featuring PILGRIM (
April 18, 2015: Flabby Hoffman Radio Extravagonzo (
April 19, 2015: Pick of the Week: Chicago Improv Festival Presents: 3 Peat, Joan and Ro at Second City e.t.c (
April 19,2015: From law to laughter: Naperville native finds niche in improv (
April 19, 2015: Sam, Donald, Improv Podcast Ep. 48: Jonathan Pitts and CIF (
April 19, 2015:  Chicago Improv Festival To Feature Top Comedians Featuring Marz Timms (
April 19, 2015:  Nocturnal Journal 4/18/15: August Wilson monologues, drummer Angelo Varias and a look at the Chicago Improv Festival (
April 20, 2015:  Longtime Columbia College Theatre Chair Sheldon Patinkin Honored by Chicago Improv Festival (
April 20, 2015: Chicago Improv Festival Gets Underway Today (
April 20, 2015:  Bill and Wendy Full Show 04-20-15 featuring Sasheer Zamata, Dan Bakkedahl and Phil Augusta Jackson (
April 21, 2015:  The Vocalo Morning Amp featuring Cold Feet Improv (
April 21, 2015:  TimeOut Chicago’s 10 shows to see at Chicago Improv Fest (
April 22, 2015:  WCIU, The U – You & Me This Morning featuring #Trending (
April 22, 2015:  Comedian Sasheer Zamata Appears at Chicago Improv Fest (
April 22, 2015:  Katydids parlay local improv success into cable TV show (
April 23, 2015:  Improv Pick of the Weekend: Terrible People, The Soup of the Day, Facklis & Hildreth at Annoyance Theatre (
April 23, 2015:  If You Make it in Chicago, Can You Make it Anywhere? featuring Katie Rich and Holly Laurent (
April 23, 2015:  Before their sitcom premieres, see the Katydids this weekend at Improv Fest (
April 23, 2015: Five Fantastic Things to Do In Chicago This Week (
April 29, 2015: Weekend Passport: Brazilian Improv and International Comics (

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