Open Stage

Check out our teams playing in this year’s CIF Open Stage!
The full schedule will be posted very soon, so stay tuned!


Let’s Eat Houston, TX
Last Chance Chicago, IL
Dan & Kate’s Book Club Chicago, IL
Hippohorsey DonkeyMonkey Chicago, IL
Graffiti on the 4th Wall Chicago, IL
The In-Laws Washington DC
Time Traveler’s Improv Chicago, IL
OMG Improv Chicago, IL
Flakey Jake San Fran/NYC
Come On Jackson St Louis
Smeared Inc. Chicago, IL
Time Bards Chicago, IL
Royaltease Chicago, IL
Hulk Spanx Chicago, IL
Di Famiglia Chicago, IL
Flower Shop Bangers Chicago, IL
98.6 Chicago, IL
No More Words – Silent Improv Houston, TX

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