Check out these videos of some of our featured performers from CIF18:

One World One Stage (April 22, 2015): Impro BrasilComplot Escena de Mexico

Jason Chin Tribute (April 22, 2015): 3033 (performing Samuri Chef)Whirled News Tonight

Dramatic Improv (April 24 & 25, 2015):  HOME

Night of Change (April 25, 2015): PimprovSalsationStir-Friday Night

Featured & Headlining Acts:

Sasheer Zamata (April 20, 2015):  Pursuit of Sexiness, Vlog – Saturday Night Live

Phil Augusta Jackson (April 20, 2015): Sexually Enlightened R&B Song, Mr. Popular

Sasheer Zamata & Phil Augusta Jackson (April 20, 2015):  Black Mad Men

Joan and Ro (April 21, 2015):  The Mayor’s Aide – Chicago Neighborhoods , Date of the Month Club

SHELDON (April 24 & 25, 2015):  Comedy Central Stage , Pie Guys

The Katydids (April 25, 2015):  Teachers Trailer (TV Land)

Wild Horses (April 25, 2015):  Stakeout (Funny Or Die)

Jeffrey Sweet (April 26, 2015):  You Only Shoot the Ones You Love


Here are some pics from the 17th Chicago Improv Festival!


Pictured performing at CIF17 is Horatio Sanz & The All-Stars of Comedy (New York). Photo by John Abbott.


Pictured performing at CIF17 is Paul Brittain (L) and Jet Eveleth (R) from Los Angeles, CA. Photo by John Abbott.


Pictured performing at CIF17 is The Boys (Chicago). L to R (clockwise) is Rachael Mason, Susan Messing and Craig Uhlir. Photo by John Abbott.


Pictured performing at CIF17 is The Improvised Shakespeare Company (Chicago). Photo by John Abbott.


Pictured performing at CIF17 is The Improv Bandits (New Zealand). Photo by John Abbott.


Pictured performing at CIF17 is The Improv Bandits (New Zealand) & ComedySportz (Chicago). Photo by John Abbott.

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