Long Form

Check out our teams playing in this year’s CIF Long Form category!
The full schedule will be posted very soon, so stay tuned!


Apollo 12 Phoenix, AZ
B&B Portland, OR
Babies Kansas City, KS
Black By Popular Demand Portland, OR
Brand New Toys Chicago, IL
Bunk 7 Chicago, IL
Butthead Chicago, IL
Buzz’s Girlfriend Wheaton, IL
Coko & Daphney Toronto, ON
Creamy Los Angeles, CA
DAAANG Judy Dench Chicago, IL
Daddy Mags San Francisco, CA
Death & Taxes Seattle, WA
EbonyEssenceJet Chicago, IL
Evan the Loyal Baltimore, MD
Fake Cops Toronto, ON
Fisticuffs Washington, DC
FST Improv Sarasota, FL
Future Kids Ferndale, MI
Gentleman’s Falcon Chicago, IL
Ginger Price Chicago, IL
God Takes A Holiday Minneapolis, MN
Here Chicago, IL
Houndstooth Chicago, IL
Jackson Soup San Francisco, CA
Landry & Summers Los Angeles, CA
Lights Out Chicago, IL
Liss n’ Sams San Francisco, CA
Lucky Lucky Chicago, IL
MATCH Ferndale, MI
Minority Re’port Baltimore, MD
Moist Theatre Toronto, ON
Moon Roof Chicago, IL
Old Jennifer Aniston Boston, MA
One of Us is Drunk Baltimore, MD
Opehlia’s Rope Houston, TX
Pawn Takes Queen Cedar City, UT
Physics Curse Austin, TX
Pimprov Chicago, IL
Poster Boys Chicago, IL
Prettier Than You Washington, DC
Roar Theatre San Diego, CA
See You Thursday Columbus, OH
Snooze Button Kansas City. MO
Spider House Cambridge, MA
Stars and Gripes Chicago, IL
Stepkids Chicago, IL
Stir Friday Night! Chicago, IL
Sweater Kittens Washington, DC
The All Girl Revue Los Angeles, CA
The Co-op Chicago, IL
TNT (Tuesday Night Thing) Chicago, IL
Triple Double Philadelphia, PA
Valid Hysteria Chicago, IL
Warp Zone Pittsburgh, PA
Ya Donkeys Chicago/Boston
House Guests Chicago, IL
Lance Chance Chicago, IL
Matt Damon Improv Chicago, IL
Midnight Jam (BYOT) Chicago, IL
Midnight Oil Chicago, IL
Occam’s Razor Chicago, IL
pHrenzy Chicago, IL
The Collage Chicago, IL
The Magic Tavern Chicago, IL
The Revival Hour Chicago, IL
Tick-Tock Hitchcock Chicago, IL
Tricky Mickey Chicago, IL
Women on Top Chicago, IL
Jam Sandwich Chicago, IL
Jibarito Improv Theater Puerto Rico
Los Improviachis Chicago, IL
P.A.R.K. Chicago, IL
Shelia Renuion Chicago, IL
Shelia’s Sister Chicago, IL
Southside Ignoramus Quartet Chicago, IL
Spic & Tan Chicago, IL
The Boys Chicago, IL


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