Opening Night with Holy Fuck Comedy Hour, TIM, and TNT

Opening Night with Holy Fuck Comedy Hour, TIM, and TNT
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Monday, Apr 1, 2013
8:00 pm, $10

The Annoyance Theatre & Bar
4830 N. Broadway
venue website

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There are three groups performing in this show:
holy-fuck-comedy-hourPlayers from the Holy Fuck Comedy Hour
from The Annoyance, Chicago
with Kellen Alexander, Emily Anderson, Lee Barats,Matt Barats, Devin Bockrath, Steph Cook, Barry Hite, Brian McGovern, Claire Mulaney, Anthony Oberbeck, Drennen Quinn, John Reynolds, Gary Richardson, Jo Scott, Andrew Tisher
Regular players from the Holy Fuck Comedy Hour come to improvise.
TIM: A Night of Timprovisation
from Chicago
with Tim Chidester, Timmy Mayse, Tim Paul, Tim Stoltenberg, and Tim Whetham
A completely ridiculous, thrillingly breakneck, delightfully twisted improvised show by a group of Second City/ComedySportz/Annoyance/IO veterans who by sheer coincidence just all happen to be named “Tim”.
TNT: Tuesday Night Thing
from The Annoyance, Chicago
with Mark Piebenga, Jim Scheidhaur, Linda Orr, Alex Fendrich, Bill Boehler, Beth Melewski, Hans Holsen, Jared Larsen, Rebecca Sohn and Rich Sohn
An Explosion of Improv Talent

Players from TNT (Tuesday Night Thing) make a special appearance on Monday night for the festival. You want to see some of the best of the best improvisers in the city of Chicago, in one night, in one place in one show??


Seriously. You don’t get much better than these folks…

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All acts, ensembles, and performers are currently scheduled to perform and are subject to change. All tickets are non-refundable.

Chicago, Holy Fuck Comedy Hour, TNT, Tuesday Night Thing

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