Lonesome and Ballpark Theater Company

Lonesome and Ballpark Theater Company
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Saturday, Apr 6, 2013
7:00 pm, $15

Gorilla Tango Theatre
1919 N. Milwaukee Ave.
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There are two groups performing in this show:
Ballpark Theater Company

Ballpark Theater Company

Ballpark Theatre Company
presents: Stageflix
from OKC Improv, Oklahoma City
with Kyle Brower, Ben Davis, Jessi Kyle, Heather King, Kellen Hodgeson, Jeanette Schreiber, Tim Huckeby
Ballpark Theatre Company formed in late 2011 as a narrative supertroupe focused on tackling film genres and musicals and performing them in the “ballpark” of the intended genre. The cast is made up of some of the best young improvisors in Oklahoma City, and appeared at the prestigious “Out of Bounds” festival in Austin in 2012. Ballpark presents Stageflix: a show that tells a full cinematic story from beginning to end in a film genre and title suggested by the audience. The improvised film is accompanied with a completely improvised score by director and musical improvisor, Kyle Gossett. “It’s your favorite movie…live!”
“Whereas most genre improv ensembles specialize in a particular style, Ballpark Theatre Company specializes in them all. Come to see them both nights to enjoy not only two different shows, but shows in two completely different genres.”

– Joey Bland, Curator of Genre Improv


from Upstairs Gallery, Chicago
with Tyler Samples
Lonesome is Tyler Samples’ one-person improvised Western. Dressed in costume and backed by a live band, he spins a story of flawed heroes and hard choices, unfolding in a physicalized environment that draws on the classic imagery, tropes and archetypes of the genre. Dripping tension, honest emotion and desperate stakes rule the day when Lonesome comes to town.
“Lonesome presents an improvised western with unique characters and a nicely paced plot. Going beyond high noon gunfights, Lonesome fleshes out the western into a broader scope than expected. And it’s all done by one actor.”

– Joey Bland, Curator of Genre Improv

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All acts, ensembles, and performers are currently scheduled to perform and are subject to change. All tickets are non-refundable.

Ballpark Theatre Company, Chicago, Lonesome, Oklahoma City, Stageflix

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