CIF19 Curators

For this year’s Chicago Improv Festival, we divided the submissions into 10 different Artistic Categories, each one curated by a professional improvisor trained in that artistic style. Check out the list below for all our curators for CIF19!

                    Category                                   Your CIF19 Improv Sommelier


Featured Acts


Jonathan Pitts
Jonathan Pitts



headshot-philbrook_HQEditedMicah Philbrook

Dramatic Improvisation




Rachael Mason
Rachael Mason

Emerging Artists


David-Knoell ashley whitehurst
David Knoell & Ashley Whitehurst

Genre CIF19Resize


Kevin Mullaney



nnamdi Jessica Mitolo
Nnamdi Ngwe             Jessica Mitolo

Jay Steigmann   Jack Bronis
Jay Steigmann                       Jack Bronis

Musical CIF19


Stephanie McCullough

shortform CIF
lillie-francesLillian Frances

Open Stage

Open Stage CIF19
John Hildreth croppedJohn Hildreth


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