CIF18 Staff

18th Annual Chicago Improv Festival Staff (2015)

Executive Producer: Jonathan Pitts*


Artistic Director: Kevin Mullaney

Producer: Jonald Jude Reyes

Associate Producer: JC Farris

Assistant Producers: Lisa Akroush, Jamie Black, Ricky Haschemeyer, Sheena Laird, Stacey Smith, Nelson Velazquez

Co-Directors of International Relations: Andy Eninger, Steve Lyons

Talent Coordinator: Jamie Black




Curators: Joey Bland (Musical), Jack Bronis (Long Form), Nate DuFort (Improv on Screen), Jason Geis (Genre), Caleb George (Emerging Artists), Nathan Jansen (Short Form), Rachael Mason (Dramatic), Jessica Mitolo (Long Form), Nnamdi Ngwe (Long Form), Jonathan Pitts (Experimental), Adal Rifai (Long Form), Mandy Sellers (Emerging Artists)

Education Director: Lauren Pizzi

Workshop Teachers: Michael Abdelsayed, Bill Arnett, Dan Bakkedahl, Jon Barinholtz, Rob Belushi, Joe Bill, Joe Dale, Andrew Eninger, Dina Fackis, Andrew McMasters, Susan Messing

Venue Managers: TBA

Publicist: Jennifer McLaughlin

Graphic Designer: Wolfgang Stein


Photographers: John Abbott, Jerry Schulman

Party Coordinators: Sheena Laird, Stacey Smith, & The Moonsharks

Intern: Bianca Stelian

Special Thanks: Mari DeOleo, Emma Squier, All our partnering Venues & their great staff!

Chicago Improv Productions Board: Chris Tarzon (President) Mark Carter, David Fink, Paul Fleishman

(*Co-Founder of the Chicago Improv Festival with Frances Callier)

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