#CIF18 Scavenger Hunt!



In July, 1955, David Shepherd and Paul Sills established the first modern improvisational theater at a tavern in Hyde Park, Chicago. Their new art form was spontaneous, politically satirical, and funny. They – with the creative input and performances of Elaine May, Mike Nichols, Shelley Berman, Severn Darden and Barbara Harris – formed The Compass, and launched the improv art form we know and celebrate today.

Compass LetterheadYou’ll notice that each of the 14 venues hosting Chicago Improv Festival events this year features pictures of one or more members of The Compass. Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to take a photo of you with each of those posters by Friday, April 24 at noon.

Once you’ve taken your photo, post it to your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram tagging @CIFest, Chicago Improv Festival and using the hashtags #CIF18 and #CIFCompassHunt. The first person to collect all 14 photos, wins the prize!

While we’ll do our best to monitor social media to declare a winner, the best way to secure your win will be to email a complete album of your photos to chicagoimprovfestivalinfo@gmail.com upon completion. That way there’s no discrepancy over who won and we’ll have the contact info we need to deliver your prize.

What is the prize? Two tickets to the Katydids and Wild Horses show on Saturday, April 25 at 10:30 p.m., AND two tickets to Jeffrey Sweet’s solo show on Sunday, April 26 at  4 p.m. plus an autographed copy of his book, Something Wonderful Right Away!

With your submission, please include the following information:

– Your first and last name
– email
– phone number
– all photos needed to win the game

Chicago Improv Festival may post some of the photos you send, so please know before sending them that by sending them you are giving CIF permission to post them to their Facebook page and social media.

Questions? Please e-mail chicagoimprovfestivalinfo@gmail.com.

Thank you for playing and good luck!


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