CIF18 Performer Wristbands FAQ


What are the wristbands?

Wristbands are distributed to confirmed performers of the Chicago Improv Festival (CIF) to distinguish them as performers.

What is the difference in wristbands?

There are 2 different wristbands: white wristbands are given to Open Stage performers and color wristbands are given to all other performers.


How do I get my wristband?

International performers will receive their wristbands the first day of the festival when they arrive to Chicago. They’ll be working with the Director of International Relations, Andy Eninger, to ensure logistics.


Domestic performers (outside of Chicago) will have their wristbands mailed to them. Email confirmation will be required of them to ensure that wristbands are properly distributed via hardmail.


Chicago area performers will pick up their wristbands during set office hours before the festival begins. Deadline to pick up wristbands will be April 9th.


Once wristbands are confirmed as picked-up or received by a group, each group and performer is responsible for the safekeeping of it.


What if I lose my wristband?

We only have enough wristbands for each participant and will not have replacement wristbands. Please treat your wristband as if it were currency. We request in full faith and respect for performers to not hand over wristbands to non-performers. We must emphasize that the Chicago Improv Festival is produced by a not-for-profit organization. So please ensure the correct usage of the wristbands.

Do I have to wear my wristband at all times?

We highly recommend wearing your wristband at all times to distinguish you as a performer for CIF and to keep it from being stolen. Also, you may be asked to show it to get into the backstage area for your show. There may also be benefits at after parties or special events which will only be provided to performers wearing wristbands.


What are the benefits of the wristbands?

Performers wearing colored wristbands will be able to enter any show for free, except for Featured Acts, as long as seats are available paying audience is given priority. Performers wearing white wristbands will be able to enter any show at a ticket cost of $5, except for Featured Acts, as long as seats are available paying audience is given priority. These discounts are only given at the theater box office, not online. [Featured Acts must remain at full price for all performers if you want to ensure a seat buy your ticket online.]

Can I buy a wristband for my friend?

No, wristbands are for performers only. If your friends wants to see a show they need to buy a ticket at regular price either online or at the theater box office.

I have another question.

More information and details may be found on our website – . If there are any further questions, please send inquiry to and/or Producer, Jonald Reyes at Thank you!