Unexpected Productions

An evening of comedy, mystery and improv. The night will begin with just a few words spoken, then a whole world is created with different characters and different scenes. What are the ingredients of a single meeting between people? In Spoken, a single scene is played out, then explored through a glimpse into the lives of the character, what that led to, or were influenced by that single meeting. Like spokes of a wheel, all scenes are connected to the same center. We live moment to moment, but rarely think about all the connections moment have to each other.

Unexpected Productions was formed by three different improv groups as the “Seattle Theatresports League”, and was the first improv group in the US to perform Theatresports, which now holds the title of the longest running show in Seattle. By 1988, the group was exploring many additional forms of spontaneous theatre, and the name was changed to “Unexpected Productions”. In June 2008, Unexpected Productions celebrated the 25th anniversary of its first Theatresports match. Unexpected Productions has, since 1997, hosted The Seattle Festival of International Improvisation. The festival gathers individual improvisers from around the world, who train together for a week long period, culminating in several performances. The festival has traditionally been held in June, around the anniversary of Unexpected Productions.

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