Houndstooth performs a montage-style long form show. An initial group scene acts as a source that leads into a series of game-focused and entertaining “slice of life” scenes, some of which are revisited throughout the show.

Houndstooth is a Chicago troupe that started in December 2012. It is made up of members Johnny O’Mara, Patrick Bodenhausen and Spencer Hamilton. Johnny and Spencer, who also currently co-host the podcast Dilettante Ball, each performed with Theatre Strike Force at the University of Florida before moving to Chicago where they both completed the i.O. Training Center. Patrick performed at ComedyCity in Kansas City prior to moving to Chicago. He also completed the i.O. Training Center as well as The Second City Conservatory. The troupe, coached by Bill Arnett, has made numerous appearances in Gainesville, FL for the Gainesville Improv Festival and the Improv Blast, as well as appearances in the Chicago Improv Festival, the Kansas City Improv Festival, and most recently the Improv Shop in St. Louis, MO. Aside from these, Houndstooth stays busy performing in venues throughout Chicago and co-hosting and performing in The Friday Night Hose Down at the Bughouse Theater.

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