Daddy Mags

Dadddy Mags performs long form improv in the Titanic Players’ Expansion Tree style. Their scenes involve deep, personal connections and relationships mixed with high energy group games. As far as structure goes, they have performed everything from single location pieces, to Harolds to Armando-style monologue driven shows. They don’t plan structure ahead of time, but rather rely on their deep knowledge of various structures and pick up on teammate’s cues on the spot to determine each night’s rules.

All of the members of Daddy Mags were cast onto the team in 2006 as freshmen at Northwestern University. As other members graduated or moved away, the “core four” members, Jen, Dana, Katherine and Dave, practiced and performed regularly and developed a strong group mind that can only come from hundreds of hours together, both on and off the stage. They all became best friends, roommates, drinking buddies and mentors to younger improvisers at the school.

As college ended, the team dispersed across the country. Jen to LA to pursue writing for TV, Dana to New York to continue performing on stage, Katherine to Boston to teach and get her masters in Nutrition Science and Dave to San Francisco to work as a consultant. Even spread across the country, all four continued to perform improv with a variety of teams and theaters.

Today, the four members of Daddy Mags look to return to the same festival to reunite all on the same stage for the first time in five years.

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