B & B

Betse Green and Bill Cernansky are longtime veterans of the Portland improv scene, but they’ve been married even longer–since 1989. They are both members of Portland ComedySportz as well as long form supergroup Peachy Chicken. They have recently played at the Juneau ASIF Preview show, New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival and IF Cincy and have performed around the Country at other festivals with several improv troupes. Bill and Betse are patient improvisers who trust each other completely, and it shows.

Playing as a duo, B&B focus on what they know best: relationships. Their signature format is the Revolver, in which the players are free to steal each other’s characters after they have been established. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye*. It’s still all fun and games after that.

The Revolver evolved from practicing a lot of 2-person Harolds. It’s often raucous and/or silly, but it is above all patient. After characters are introduced, they can be assumed at any time again by either player. There aren’t group games or an opening game. The show opens with a single suggestion, which inspires the recollection of a story from B & B’s life, which they tell the way a couple tells a story – remembering it differently, maybe even stepping on each other a little. Then the scenes unfold.

* Technically, no eyes have actually been lost.

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