Artistic Director’s Statement

CIF 2015 Artistic Directors Statement

What’s my favorite thing about the Chicago Improv Festival?

Kevin Mullaney

Kevin Mullaney

I love that performers from around the world come to Chicago to be a part of the festival, and that we work hard to make their experience special and unique. But that’s not my favorite thing.

I love that we have so many groups from so many different parts of the country, not just New York and LA and Chicago. And I love how excited these groups are to be a part of festival. But that’s not my favorite thing.

I love that the festival has a commitment to education. We have workshops from some of the best improv teachers in the world. And by sharing the stage with different groups, ideas get cross pollinated from one city to another. But that not my favorite thing.

I love that we’ve made the festival more inclusive, allowing groups to perform on the open stage, even if they were not accepted into one of the curated categories. But it’s not favorite thing.

I love that each year we bring out talented performers who work in the Television and Film industries to improvise in front of packed audiences. And that their participation in the festival often helps create new fans for improv, who branch out and see other shows with less well known performers. But it’s not my favorite thing.

My favorite thing about of the festival is that it brings together so many of the great comedy and improv institutions in Chicago. It reminds me that each theater in Chicago contributes different things to our community, and that we all benefit from each other. We compete for audience and for students. But we also share performers and ideas. When a show in one theater succeeds, it spurs the rest of us to do better. And when we work together with a single goal, we can create something big.

–   Kevin Mullaney, CIF 2015 Artistic Director

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