Thursday Thunderous Improv Fun

How big is tonight’s CIF Thursday offering? We’ve got enough shows and ensembles that tonight’s schedule alone is the size of many other improv festivals’ complete line-up. Tonight CIF has 23 shows with 52 ensembles performing at 10 theaters! We’ve got every style to suit your comedic and theatrical needs covered with shows in these following artistic categories: Alternative/Experimental, Dramatic, Emerging Artists, Genre, Long Form, Musical and Open Stage!

Michael Patrick Thornton

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At the Annoyance, we’ve got great Rachael Mason & Norm Holly doing dramatic improv (8pm), we’ve got award winning Chicago actor/director Michael Patrick Thornton playing mason and messingwith long time Chicago mainstay Jack Bronis (10pm), and we’ve got Chicago improv greats Susan Messing & Rachael Mason playing together in Messing with a Friend (10:30pm).


At iO Chicago, we’ve got three great veteran improv teams playing, Late 90’s, Meridian, and Revolver (8pm).


At the Second City Training Center, we’ve got great improv shows like Black History X with special guest collage 2016Chris Redd [Enterprise; Popstar: Don’t Stop Popping] (9pm); we’ve got the dynamic The Collage (9pm), and we’ve got the all-female group Lady Crush (10:30pm).


At MCL Chicago, we’ve got great improv singers Pop Soda (7pm) and WhiplashMINTs (8:30pm).


We’ve also got some great emerging improv teams like Sidekick (The Public House, 8pm) and The Rebound (Under The Gun, 10pm), and Moon Roof (Bughouse, 10pm).

Now you have no reason to not see a show tonight! Plus, you can always watch the Cubs and White Sox games highlights on your phone.