Stars of Today & Tomorrow Play Tonight!

The Chicago Improv Festival is known for many things including being a showcase for the comedy celebrities and stars of today to perform in front of Chicago audiences, and also being a showcase for the comedy celebrities and stars of tomorrow, often in the same show! Tonight is one of those nights, as CIF has a special performance of CORY! and 3Peat at The Second City ETC at 8pm.


Lauren Ash Superstore 2


CORY! features Lauren Ash (NBC’s Superstore; Second City Chicago & Second City Toronto main stage alumni) and Leslie Seiler (DeGrassi High: The Next Leslie Seiler CIF OfficialGeneration; Second City Toronto main stage alumni), who have performed together as a comedy duo for 14 years. They both have won several Canadian Comedy Awards for improv, sketch and original comedy. They are some of the best and funniest of Canada’s current crop of improv comedians.





3Peat features a team of Chicago based super talented, smart, and hilariously funny African-chrisreddAmerican improvisers. One of their team members, Chris Redd, is already bursting out and making his mark in TV (Empire) and movies (Popstar: Never Stop Popping), and the other team members are sure to follow. See them tonight, and in the future, you can say you saw them all back when…